This year more than ever gas prices and the economy have affected power boat owner’s decisions of when and how to repower their boats. It’s not as simple as gas verses diesel, it’s really about old gas engines verses new gas engines verses diesel. The marine industry has benefited from the international pressure being put on the motor industry to develop fuel efficient gas engines so do not assume that diesel is your only option. For example, at the moment, the Volvo Penta range of gas engines are as competitive in price as they have ever been, are fuel efficient and will not require the modifications needed to install a diesel alternative.
There is no doubt that the latest diesel engines have significant advantages over even the latest gas engines but they do, literally, come at a price, will require more modifications and are heavier so may not be a viable option, depending on the boat’s current value, amount of time used and how long you intend on keeping it. No matter what you decide, if the correct Volvo Penta or Yanmar diesel is properly installed into your boat, you will not be disappointed.
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